Legal WV Sports Betting Sites

As one of the early embracers of online sports betting, West Virginia sportsbooks offer legal and convenient betting. It is exclusive both in retail and online sports betting. The first sportsbook was the Hollywood Casino Charles Town in August 2018 which structured legal and live betting. Besides, there is a handful of options for lovers of sports betting around West Virginia. In the state, the eminent platforms include Draftsking Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook, and William Hill Sportsbook. Though they operate under different proprietorships, they offer near similar formatting but deliver top-notch standards in the gambling market.

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WV Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

Aside from convenience in sports betting, bonuses and promotions are a sensitive entity, especially for newbie customers. These WV sportsbooks offer enticing incentives to hoist your payroll and boost your morale when playing. Also, most offers come together with certain regulations that accompany your play.

No Deposit Bonuses

As a new customer, one of the welcoming gifts is a bonus to play by merely opening an account with a WV sportsbook app. This is a great chance for you to make a mint before you even think of depositing real cash.

However, based on different sportsbook considerations, there are certain turnover requirements that you must adhere to receive the funds.

First Deposit Bonus

The first funds you deposit are highly appreciated by the sportsbooks. A matchup of the amount of your first deposit goes into your account. It comes in form of free bet credits or bonus funds.

You do not have to wager on any bet to receive the free bet. Conversely, there are certain upfront requirements such as minimum odds, specified events, or markets that you need to be conversant with.

Risk-Free Bets

Losing can be sometimes devastating, especially for rookies. The sportsbooks have kept this under control by offering risk-free bets. Risk-free bets become available when you encounter a loss after engaging in your first bet.

For instance, if you deposit $200 and get lost in your first bet, you have entitled to a risk-free bet worth $200. However, if the free bet wins, you will receive the profit only and not the $200 staked.

Odds Boost

They play the odds in your favor as it increases the payouts for different wagers. An example is odds on totals (over or under), Moneyline, team prop, or even point spread. Odds boosts offers tend to stand out on the popular games and are set as an inbuilt advantage for you to make reasonable profits.

Parlay Insurance

When you incorporate four or more teams in your slip, it comes in hand with insurance. In case one team excludes you from winning, the house gives you a refund as a remedy. It will grant you another valid chance to get into winning mode.


Certain scenarios during betting might require you to pinch and pull with the prevailing circumstances. It is a creative measure for bettors to tweak and reduce the chances of making humongous losses.

However, they vary in different platforms and may come as a partial or 100% cashback. Also, they exist in pre-match, live, or both depending on the condition of the promotion.

Loyalty Bonus

High appreciation receives reciprocation through recognition of loyalty by players on various WV online sportsbooks. As you play and transact, you gain incremental points and credits.

Such credits and points become available for redemption for cash. More playing translates to more rewards and cash, though certain specific parameters need fulfilling.

Promo Codes

These are unique coupons that you have to enter so that you can identify and qualify for specific bonuses and promotions. They are available in sportsbooks’ links and will offer free bets, match-up bonuses, or as specifically described.

WV Sports Betting Apps

The mobile setting has become a rampant feature and offers outstanding advantages for bettors around the globe. One ideal advantage is that bettors can check and analyze odds from different sportsbooks concurrently.

They also deliver flexibility from the comfort of your location with expanded betting options. Moreover, it is an easier tool to navigate and explore all the properties of a specific WV sportsbook.

Additionally, they are compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can download such apps from respective App stores or sportsbooks’ sites. However, you must have a stable and reliable internet connection to propel the apps.

Sports and Leagues Available for Betting in WV

There is a wide array of major sports and leagues for you to bet on. Also, in-state collegiate events have a schedule for betting. The following sports are present for betting:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Motorsports
  • Horse racing
  • E-sports
  • Fantasy sports

As opposed to other betting states, West Virginia has conformed to fantasy sports betting. This is as per the Attorney General’s opinion that it is not a game of chance. Therefore, it is not covered in the laws that restrict illegal gambling.

Top Sports Events for Betting at

Around the calendar, there is an outrageous number of sports events that top the charts. This interest has resulted in sportsbooks availing the following events for betting:

  • Super Bowl
  • The Masters
  • World Series
  • College Football
  • March Madness
  • Oscars Academy Awards
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Wimbledon
  • UFC Events

How We Rate Legal WV Online Sportsbooks

There is a rise in the number of sportsbooks in West Virginia and expect more to come up in the forthcoming years. Hence, there is a reason to involve a deeper eye in sorting legitimacy. Below is an exclusive list that articulates the vital factors:

User Experience

satisfaction is the utmost consideration for any business to excel. In West Virginia, various sportsbooks have understood customer criteria needs and brought them to action. Incredible and smooth sites have come up for the best connection with the betting platform.

Besides, heavy investment in designing fast and enjoyable apps have gone into such sites. Desktop and mobile optimization are charming. Among the measures put in place to ensure a fuss-free experience with the sportsbooks includes:

Bonuses and Promotions

Human being’s nature demands rewards and appreciations on and on. West Virginia sportsbooks have followed suit with this to heavily reward new customers with fabulous bonuses and promotions.

Not only is it an attractive measure, but also a good step to put you in the frontline of winning. It is highly recommended that you take full advantage of respective bonuses and promotions to boost your pocket.

Number and Variety of Games

A wide sheer of games goes hand in hand with a variety of betting options. Various sportsbooks offer a good number of games both locally and internationally. Variety makes you learn new games, how to bet on them, and also maximize your winnings. This scope will widen your horizon and in turn, you become an all-around better.

Safety and Security

Convenient and legal betting needs exercising within a secure environment. Robust security systems have seen incorporation both in playing and monetary systems. Also, encryption software has gone into such sites to fight third-party access to your private data.

License and Regulation

The mountain state joined other states in legalizing online betting in 2018. In other words, legality rests on the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act. Think of any online gambling game or event that you fancy, West Virginia has got your back.

Banking and Transactions

Flexibility in banking options plays in favor of players. You can conduct transactions freely and with the option of choice. Also, there is a reasonable range of minimum and maximum payouts to ensure your winnings have top optimization. Fast payouts should increase your level of concern while looking for an ideal place to stake your funds.

Customer Service

Quality customer service is essential in an effective gambling environment. Ardent players crave prompt and professional guidance in any betting site across the state. As you evaluate your options, take keen concern for poor customer service.

Loyalty Program

Continuous investing in a particular WV sportsbook is worth getting you noted. As you play on, you are set to receive points that will later translate to rewards or even cash.The sportsbook that offers the best loyalty program is best for players to ride on.

Different Sports Betting Types Offered in West Virginia

Despite the debate on who will win the contest, there is much more you can engage in betting. Wagering in sports is dynamically diverse with sportsbooks in West Virginia conforming to it. Among the options offered are:

Money Line

It can be extremely thrilling to choose between a three-way option in sports. You need to determine the team that will win the contest outright without considering the margin. The odds have indications in the form of either a positive or negative sign.

In other words, a positive sign will identify an underdog team, while the favorite will be having a negative sign.In negative money lines, these are the odds you lay while positive ones are the odds you receive.


Predictions notch up another level with deciding the total outcomes that both teams will provide. Respective WV sportsbooks will estimate the value of total possible contributions by both teams and display the odds.

The totals come in form of over or under, where over is more than the stated combination and under is less than a stated combination.

For example, if the stated combination is 2.5, and over would require 3 or more goals for you to overcome the bet. Additionally, an under bet would require 2 or fewer goals for the win to be effective.

Points Spread

Rather than the common “win or lose” prediction, this betting line tries to even the field for both teams, despite their strengths. The favorite gets identified with a minus while the underdog attracts a positive sign.

Sportsbooks will establish points that respective teams have to overcome so that you can win the bet. If the favorite wins the game by more points than the sportsbook prediction, they beat the spread.

Nevertheless, if the underdog loses by fewer points than the estimate, they are said to have covered the spread. An outright win by the underdog is an obvious winner of the bet.


Among the betting options, this is one of the most fanciful wagering markets for bettors. It covers a wide scope and does not necessarily depend on the outcome of a match.

Typically, propositions dwell on specific events that will happen in a match. Also, certain player contributions and occurrences in a match are available for betting. Such kinds of options include the team to score first, number of bookings, player to score first, and the result of an opening coin-toss.


Players who love great combinations are well served by parlays. It involves tying two or more wagers in the same bet. The more legs you include in the accumulator, the bigger the possible win payout. However, if a single prediction loses, the whole parlay goes down.

When all of your predictions come outright, you will have a bigger payout than the same individual selections in single bet forums.


This is kind of a variation of parlay available in the WV sportsbooks. Winning chances are high for players who engage in teasers making it a more luring betting option.

You have permission to adjust the odds in favor of your wager. But this subjects you to a decrease in the prospective payout. Also, you need to make a replacement of two or more teams.

Nonetheless, the sportsbook can also adjust the odds in its favor. It may seem like a difficult deal but the payout increases for you but at more risk than the initial situation.

Round Robins

The name came from a tournament in which every team has to face all other teams in its group. Round Robins is a smaller version of parlays extracted from a large list of bets. After selecting numerous games to bet on, you can create a series of smaller parlays from your selections.

Besides, a more parlay combination is available with the more games you pick. An added advantage is that round robins are not necessarily losers especially when a single team loses.


A precise definition arises from a bet’s name. Bettors have an opportunity to predict and place bets on forthcoming happenings in various sports. For example, at the start of the season, you can predict the team that will conquer the Championship, win the World Series or the Super Bowl.

Again, major awards such as player of the season, the goal of the season, and coach of the year are available for play.

How Does In-Play Wagering and Live Betting Work?

Among the various betting options, this is an exponential one and recently taking top picks in WV sports betting. It is an in-game option where you enjoy the mandate to wager on a game that is in progress. Moreover, it comes with dozens of options for players to place on.

Besides, it is a glamorous option that allows you to wager depending on the prevailing game conditions. Other factors of consideration on this option include those articulated below:

  • Continued pregame wagers mean that the odds in the game will be in a dynamic state. Each second, odds are subject to change based on prevailing estimates.
  • Milestone achievements where each team and players receive random marks and statistics. This could be about season-long goals, the game at hand, or even career goals. The main deal is whether the team or player will fulfill the objective in question.
  • Partial game results happen where odds rest on different periods of the game. For instance, the sportsbook can design odds on a margin of victory by a team over another during a certain period.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Sportsbooks allow you to move funds on and off at ease. Money is the main point of concern and West Virginia sportsbooks have easy and fast transactions. Setting up funds in your account is the first step in playing at West Virginia.

Also, fast and reliable withdrawals are an essential portion of effective gambling. The available methods include:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Bank transfers
  • E-check or ACH transfers
  • Prepaid cards (Play+ and Draftkings)
  • Electronic wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill)
  • PayNearMe (redeemable via 7-eleven)
  • Bank wire/money order
  • Cash (Transactions at land-based partners’ cage)
  • Checks (Primarily used for withdrawals though other sportsbooks may accept personal checks for deposits)

How to Start Playing at a WV Sportsbook

Playing is a simple process that requires limited prowess. As a resident of West Virginia, the following easy steps will guide you towards playing.

  1. Find a WV sportsbook on our list.
  2. Download an app.
  3. Register an account and deliver legit credentials.
  4. Deposit funds.
  5. Place your first bet.

West Virginia Sportsbook Laws and Regulations

Laws and regulations are part of any franchise as they act as governing bodies. Simple rules and regulations help to make West Virginia sportsbooks healthy for online betting. Among the most common are the following:

  • Betting is strictly authorized for individuals above the age of 21.
  • Operations conducted at a location and mobile apps must pass the certification of the commission.
  • Restrictions exist for online gambling from Offshore sites.
  • A 10% tax applies to the respective WV sportsbooks.
  • New platforms must pay $100,000 for licensing.
  • Any winnings acquired from malicious betting activities face discarding.

History of Online Sports Betting in West Virginia

Legalization dates back to March 2018 when West Virginia Legislature allowed its bill to pass. Legality followed the overruling of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) by the US supreme court. Below is an articulation of a detailed timeline of the major historical events:

  • 2019 – House Bill 2178, a bill legalizing online betting, came from Rep. Shawn Fluharty. Eventually, the bill endorsed both online sports betting and casino gambling.
  • 2018 – In early January, Fluharty and State Sen. Stephen Baldwin file a matching sports betting bill. The proposed was S 106 but did not pass. Later on, State Sen. Ryan Ferns file S 415 but the license fee was set at $100,000. It was also accompanied by a 10% revenue tax. The bill became law thanks to Gov. Jim Justice's signature.
  • 2017 – Fluharty introduced H 2751 in March though it failed. At around September, the state authorized a viability study on legal sports betting in West Virginia. The outcome was 30 states will legalize sports betting which led to an emphasis on legalizing sports betting in West Virginia.
  • 2016 – An amicus curia by State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey supported a federal lawsuit against PASPA.

Responsible Gambling in WV

Gambling can be quite destructive, especially when you get off the board. In this regard, professionalism ensures an effective gaming policy. Also, betting restrictions to individuals aged below 21 goes a long way to ensure sound judgment.

There is also a financial limit plan on the amount that you can bet on. It is a measure geared towards curbing the financial crisis as a result of betting. Parent control software is also in place to exclude minors from accessing the site or app.

In case of extensive gambling issues, family members of the respective player can seek help and limit the betting activities.

West Virginia Sportsbook Summary

Online betting in the mountain state rests in the right place because of various legit and convenient sportsbooks. They offer a vast and variety of games that come with handfuls of bonuses and promotions.

Not only does WV sportsbooks offer economic support to their customers, but also social impact through responsible gambling. Visit the site or app and enjoy immense fun while restoring your wallet.

West Virginia Sports Betting

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🤔 What sports are illegal for betting in West Virginia?
There is a huge array of sports available for betting. However, High school and minor games face restrictions and not included for betting.
🤔 Can you engage offshore websites in betting?
This attracts a classification as breaking the law and goes hand in hand with severe consequences. Unlawful bookmarkers face prohibition and instead, you should look for legal and safe platforms.
🤔 Do sportsbooks offer new customers bonuses?
Customers, both new and existing, enjoy many bonuses and promotions that will gladly promote you.
🤔 Do withdrawals take long?
The sportsbooks have fast withdrawal mechanisms to ensure that you see the value of your betting.
🤔 How old do you have to be to bet on sports in West Virginia?
The minimum age for gambling in WV is 21.
🤔 Do you pay taxes on sports betting in West Virginia?
Yes. A tax rate of 10% of adjusted gross revenue will be levied on gambling.
🤔 What professional sports can I bet on online in West Virginia?
West Virginia’s legalization of sports have included a huge array of sports that have been approved for betting. Nearly every sport you can think of has been approved for betting aside from those with participants that are minors.
🤔 What sports are illegal to bet on in West Virginia?
Betting on high school sports or those with minors is not allowed but betting on collegiate games is.
🤔 What is the future of online sports betting in West Virginia?
Mobile betting is a huge advantage to the state. Most US states that are legalizing sports betting have introduced limits on the allowance of mobile betting with some now allowing it at all. There is an argument to say that mobile betting is the best way to counteract black-market betting and West Virginia will be a testing ground for its rollout.
🤔 Who provides oversight of online betting in West Virginia?
The West Virginia Lottery is in charge of regulatory oversight of all interactive wagering and sports betting in West Virginia.

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