US Sports Book, Casino & Poker Stats and Revenue Figures State by State

Online gambling is booming in the USA. State after state is following New Jersey's lead as legal, licensed sports betting, casino and poker becomes reality in many states across the US. At we follow this development closely. We also do our own research, which we update and make available continuously. This is a resource page for all those interested in the development of online gambling in the US.

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By statesidebets - Updated February 25, 2022

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Stats and figures are gathered from official sources. We've found, however, that there is quite little context and analysis available on this data, so we did our own. The data is visualized and commented by Lars Wahlström, CEO of ARGO Gaming Group.

Lars is an iGaming veteran with +15 years in the industry and experience from both the B2B- and B2C- side of the online gambling industry. Full comments and analysis are available in the monthly news posts for each respective state, while this page is a basic resource page.

This page currently covers the 2 most interesting and progressive US online gambling markets; New Jersey and Pennsylvania. More to follow as they come and grow. For full commentary and a lot of more, nitty gritty charts, check out our news section.

All resources on this page are free to use under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. This means it's free to copy, distribute and display as long as you give us credit for it, with a clickable, working link to us (either directly to this page or

New Jersey

Our first stop is New Jersey, the pioneers of online gambling in the US. Monthly figures are normally presented by the DGE, Division of Gaming Enforcement, around the middle of the following month.


Pennsylvania rolled out all forms of online gambling in 2019. Starting with online sports betting in May 2019, online casino followed in July 2019 and then online poker in November 2019. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board release monthly press releases with the latest figures, normally in the second or third week following the month in question.

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