Legal Colorado Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting in Colorado became legal in November 2019 after casting of votes to pass the proposition DD. This was to make gamblers living in Colorado place their wagers like many other states in the US. The passage of proposition DD and the passing of the legislative bill voted for by the Colorado General Assembly in May 2019 made the Colorado Division of Gaming and the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission the legal authority over Colorado's legalized sports betting regulation. Six months after the legalization bill's passing, sports betting was officially launched in Colorado on May 1, 2020. Initially, the US supreme court opted to offer each state the authority to legalize sports betting. However, unlike other states where instant decision to offer legal betting on sports commenced, Colorado took a careful decision opting to go slow in their move towards legalization. Nonetheless, close to 35 casinos have currently closed down their operations from March 16, 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic concerns. 

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Colorado Sportsbook Bonuses and Promotions

Colorado sportsbooks entice their players with significant promotions and bonus offers to make them sign up. The bonus offer comes in three different ways. The first and the most common method is offering free bets, a voucher that gamblers can use to place their bet.

The second method is through awarding players in bonus dollars, while the last one is the cash bonus. Players who win cash bonuses are at liberty to do what they wish with the reward, including withdrawing the money into their private bank accounts.

Sportsbooks bonuses in Colorado comes with amazing offers to make players keep betting. Besides, the bonuses terms and conditions are easy to adhere to and comes with fewer troubles. There are massive bonuses you can enjoy as a Colorado gambler. Such include the following.

Sign Up Bonus

Almost every sportsbook in Colorado comes with an amazing sign-up bonus. The sign-up offer varies from one Colorado betting site to the other. However, the bonus ranges from between 500 dollars and 1000 dollars. Below are the top sportsbooks sign up offers in Colorado.

BetMGM – 500 dollars’ risk-free bet

  • DraftKings – a free risk bet to the maximum of 500 dollars
  • FanDuel – 500 dollars’ risk-free bet
  • FoxBet – a free risk bet of 500 dollars
  • PointsBet – two risks free bets of up to 1000 dollars

No Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is among the best rewards a Colorado state wager can come across. The bonus comes in the form of free money that the sportsbook loads into your account. Moreover, the no-deposit bonus comes as a motivation to new players where the they are at liberty to try the betting site without spending their own money.

Wagers generally activate the bonuses by entering a promotional code into the right box upon registration.

The amazing sports betting bonus comes in three different ways. A wager may receive the no-deposit bonus as real cash, free bets, or bonus dollars. The essential thing any Colorado gambler should understand concerning the no-deposit bonus is that a deposit will be needed at some point to withdraw any gains.

For example, if you sign up for an account and use a free bet to place a winning wager, you will eventually have to deposit some you to the prizes for withdrawal.

However, sports betting customers must be physically located in Colorado to place and receive no-deposit bonuses. Additionally, the Colorado betting laws require that each player's identification be verified before giving any no-deposit bonus.

Cash Back Bonuses

The cashback offers refunds on any lost bet. In this case, a sportsbook gives you back a particular percentage of the money bet over some time. In Colorado, various betting sites return your money on any lost bet in the form of either free bets, cash, or a cash bonus.

Reload Bonus

Different betting sites in Colorado provide reload bonuses to their players. A reload bonus is almost similar to a deposit bonus though it applies to future reloads (deposits) rather than the initial deposit after signing up. Reload bonuses' primary aim is to encourage Colorado gamblers to keep placing their wagers.

Risk-Free Bet

After using your money to place a bet in any gaming site in Colorado and by bad luck you happen to lose, then the value of your prize is given back to you. It can be either through cash or sometimes as a free bet.

Odds Boost

Gamblers in Colorado enjoy amazing Odds boosts, also known as enhanced odds. Your preferred sportsbook picks a particular bet or market and awards you with extra odds. That the norm.

Betting sites in Colorado use the type of odds to promote a specific market or game. Nonetheless, different sportsbooks in Colorado comes with a maximum amount you can bet.

Loyalty Bonuses

Place your bet at any Colorado betting site and enjoy a great loyalty bonus. The bonus perks only belong to regular wagers. Such rewards may include a paid visit or hotel perks. However, if you wish not to travel, your preferred sportsbook can opt to give a loyalty bonus in the form of cash.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is the most common form of a welcome bonus in different sportsbooks in Colorado. Your first deposit gets matched up to 1000 dollars. The match comes with free bets that you need to wager between 1x and 5x before withdrawing your earnings.

Promo Codes

Not all bonuses offered in Colorado sportsbooks reflect automatically in your account. It would be best if you claimed some of them using some unique numeric, alphabetic, or alphanumeric combinations. These combinations are known as promo or bonus codes.

Most sportsbooks in Colorado have these codes shown on their websites. Therefore, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate them.

Sports Betting Apps for iOS and Android

Sports betting in Colorado depends on the application you intend to use. Often, iPads and iPhones, and a significant selection of tablets and Android phones works well with different Colorado sports apps.

For example, annual and DraftKings are compatible with almost any mobile device when accessing Colorado's sports betting options. Before you decide to download any online sportsbook app, ensure that the application is officially compatible with your operating system and phone specifications.

List of Sports and Leagues You Can Bet on in Colorado

Throughout the Year, you will have good options to consider when it comes to sports betting in Colorado. You have an opportunity to bet on matches covering minor leagues, major leagues, and amazing actions in all popular sports. Some of the largest drivers at the betting window in Colorado include the following.


Colorado sportsbooks come with various MLB betting markets, including moneylines, runline, futures, props, and parlays. The world series, retail, spring training, and online sportsbook in Colorado cover all betting on baseball.


NFL is among the biggest attraction in different sportsbook in Colorado. Betting on the NFL comes in various ways to get in the game. Some of the NFL betting markets you may opt for include

  • All bet types for NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl
  • Live betting for all game on the NFL schedule
  • Moneyline, spread, and totals for all regular-season games
  • NFL futures such as Super Bowl winner and Rookie of the Year
  • Prop betting for each NFL game


Various sportsbook in Colorado provides live, or in-fight betting on Ultimate Fighting Championship fights. Strikingly, this league has brought many fans on bound such that it has stretched to fitness training gyms and other fitness programs.

Therefore, sportsbooks in Colorado find the need to include the game in their list of leagues to wager on. You can place your bets physically or using online platforms.


The NBA is among the most widespread pro league sport in Colorado. The leagues feature a significant number of games for the regular season and postseason filled with suspense. Therefore, there are lots of fun-filled moments, whether you are a player or just a fan. Additionally, you can discover easy lines, odds, futures, and props bets.


College football betting is well embraced in Colorado. Different from other states with numerous strict guidelines regarding NCAAF betting, Colorado has less and easy-to-follow instructions. Sportsbooks offer point spreads, money lines, futures, over/under, and parlay betting on this game.


MSL (Major League Soccer) is a professional soccer league for men. The soccer federation of the US sanctions it. In most cases, it comprises more than 24 teams.

However, this may change subject to the federation's agreements. Excitingly, many sportsbooks in Colorado give this league a way for its fans to place wagers. Similar to other leagues, it is simple to bet and wait for the results.

Premier League

Sportsbooks in Colorado offers lots of premier league matches where you can place your bet.


Sportsbooks in Colorado provide boxing matches as part of their sports games. You can place a bet and watch, waiting for either winning or losing.


NHL gambling is now live in Colorado. It has odds on different teams. Additionally, most sportsbooks in Colorado avail wagering offers to its gamblers. Therefore, NHL, a Stanley Cup winner, gives you a great opportunity to reap big in the gaming industry.

Horse Racing

If you like betting and witnessing live events at the same time, Colorado sportsbooks got you covered. Occasions such as horse racing are open for bets. With several horse racing facilities, it is likely to have more races annually. Hence, you can place a wager and win several times on horse racing.

LOL (League of Legends e-sport)

You can also find LOL (League of legends e-sport) in various Colorado sportsbooks.

Top Sports Betting Events You Can Bet on in Colorado

The Colorado sports gaming schedule is always full of various sports events from January to December. The most common events you can bet on include the following

  • College Bowl – With the high number of college football games, the college bowl is an event you would not like to miss. Favorite teams take part in these games. Inspiringly, it is an event you can bet on in Colorado sportsbooks.
  • March madness – March madness is among the biggest and most exciting sporting activities in Colorado state. It is a men's basketball with more than 68 participating teams. Astoundingly, it is a single-elimination competition offered as a gambling event in some Colorado sportsbooks.
  • College football – College football is live in Colorado each Year from Jan to Dec. Therefore, you can check it out and enjoy the great games available for bets.
  • Super Bowl – Super Bowl is a big game that attracts an audience of over 30 million American citizens. With such a reputation, the game is accessible for a bet in almost every sportsbook in Colorado.
  • The masters – The master's is a golf occasion also available for stakes in Colorado.
  • Oscars (Academy Awards) – Oscars is a film industry awards event that happens annually in Colorado.

How Does In-Play Wagering and Live Betting Work?

Another amazing deal that Colorado Sportsbooks offer you is live betting or in-play wagering. Specifically, live betting allows you to wager on games that have already started. If you are up for it, check the following insights on how it works.

  • Continued Pregame wagers – Indeed, this is the simplest of all. The Sportsbook's marks keep changing as the game becomes more accurate. In other words, the odds keep reducing since the prediction is also easy.
  • Milestone achievements – In milestone achievements, players or teams set a certain statistic to reach. On the other hand, the Sportsbook provides action on whether the player or team will meet that statistic. For instance, the statistic may be to predict the top scorer in the second half.
  • Partial game results/ micro-events – Lastly, Sportsbook offers you with variety of micro-events. For instance, your live betting might be to determine which team will score first. Besides, it can be which team will get a red card.

How We Rate Legal Colorado Sports Betting Sites

In as much as there are numerous casinos for sports betting, they are not similar. They differ in terms of features and gaming experience. So, there are certain metrics that make great US online casinos to stand out. Check the list below for a better understanding of such factors.

  • License and Regulation – Firstly, a good casino must have a valid license from reputable gaming authorities in Colorado.  So, always check to see if the online casino you are interested in has a licence number. That way you’ll be able to bet without having to worry about dealing with quacks.
  • Safety and Security – Secondly, we analyze the safety of the casino. Are their transactions safe? Is your data protected? Do they use the latest SSL encryption technology? If yes, then that’s the site for you.
  • Trustworthy and reputation – Thirdly, we check the reputation of the brand. How long have they been in existence? What’s their history like? Have they had any issues with gambiling authorities before? What do players that have used the site say?
  • Number and variety of games – This is yet another factor that helps us rank Colorado online sites. The more games they have to offer, the merrier.
  • User experience (app) – One other thing not to ignore is ease of use of the interface. To begin with, having apps makes things easier. you’ll be able to play on the go from wherever. Therefore, we check to see if these apps have an easy installation process. And, if they are compatible and offer similar experience and her desktop version. Also, whatever features come with the app helps distinguish great stes from the not so good ones.
  • Bonuses and promotions – In addition, a casino’s promos are enough to tell you if that site cares about their customers or not. Some of the best online casinos in Colorado.
  • Loyalty program – Something else we check is the loyalty program. A good Colorado casino is one which rewards players every time they bet. They’ll allow you to earn points, and gradually rise through the ranks to enjoy more VIP exclusive offers.
  • Payment and withdrawal options – Lastly, great casinos have not only a wide variety of options, but also safe ones. That is to say, if you can make transactions without any issues, then the site gets a thumbs up. So, speed, safety, and multiple options matter.

Different Sports Betting Types Offered in Colorado

While in Colorado, you will enjoy playing different bet types. In fact, they are the best from top-notch Sportsbooks. They include the following.

  • Moneyline – This is the simplest of all since your bet is to determine which team will win.
  • Single play bets – This is a bet made on one match. In other words, your bet will include one game or match.
  • Parlay – Parlay bets entail several bets connected together. If one bet loses, the whole bet is also lost. However, you can win big because the odds are high.
  • Spread – In this one, the teams have an edge to win, depending on the number of goals or points.
  • Future – Future bets allow you to predict the outcome even before the tournament starts.
  • Teasers – This amazing betting type allows you to change points spread, but the odds will reduce. To demonstrate, you can initially have a game with 5 points, but after the teaser, the odd may reduce to 4.
  • Over/under – With this, you only need to determine if the total points will be over/under. Also, it applies to different markets.
  • Proposition bets – This bet is also known as prop bets. It allows gamblers to bet on a variety of events. For instance, the bettor may bet on whether teams will go extra time or not.
  • Straight bets – With a straight bet, you wager on a bet that carries total, spread, or Moneyline.
  • Round robin – All your selections do not have to win when it comes to round-robin. This is because there are different parlays – If one wins, you get some cash.
  • In-game – This entails all the wagers placed while the game is in progress. It offers a variety of betting options, but the odds keep reducing as the match becomes more accurate.

Sportsbook Payout

After winning, Sportsbook in Colorado will pay you in different ways. The common ones include the following.

  • Free bets – With free bets, you get a chance to play without making any deposit. However, you cannot divide the free bets.
  • Bonus dollars – Unlike free bets, you can get paid using bonus dollars that you can divide and place several bets.
  • Straight cash – In some cases, you will get paid in cash, but you must meet the wagering requirements.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Unlike other games where tournaments take longer time, DFS takes less time. In fact, the tournaments take hours, a day or a week. DFS involves professionals who come together and form a team.

Also, winning points depends on the individual player. So, if your team has the best professionals, you will get more points. You can find these fantastic games in Colorado Sportsbooks.

Payment and Withdrawal Options at Colorado Online Sportsbooks

Payment options are paramount in any casino since you must deposit or request a withdrawal. If you are a sports enthusiast in Colorado, you will deposit and withdraw using the following means.

  • ACH/e-check – With this method, you can directly transfer money from your bank account to your Sportsbook account.
  • Debit/credit card – Almost all Colorado Sportsbooks accept debit and credit cards. However, there are cases where banks flag these payment options.
  • Play+ – This is a virtual prepaid card, and you can fund it via credit card or bank account. Besides, the deposits via the card are instant.
  • Paypal – It is a common e-wallet, and you can fund it via credit card or bank account. With PayPal in place, you can transfer money to your Sportsbook account.
  • Skrill – This is another amazing e-wallet option, and it works like PayPal.
  • PayNearMe – Nowadays, you don’t need to have a bank account to make payments. Interestingly, you can fund your betting account in cash.
  • Neteller – It is an e-wallet, and you can fund it via credit card.
  • Cashiers cage – With this option, you don’t need to have bank accounts or other options. Specifically, visit any retail shop of the sportsbook of your choice and pay in cash.

How to Start Playing at a Colorado Sportsbook

Before playing your favorite games at Colorado sportsbook, you need to have an active account. Therefore, you must register with your favorite sportsbook. Getting started involves a few and simple steps. They include the following.

  1. Find a sportsbook in our list – There are many casinos that you will find out there, but you need to know your taste first. Since we aim to make your work easier, we have a list of the best and genuine sportsbooks in Colorado.
  2. Download app – Most sports betting sites in Colorado aim at enhancing your gaming experience. As a result, they provide you mobile app for both Android and IOS devices. To start playing, you need to download one.
  3. Register an account – At this stage, you need to open the sportsbook app and create an account. You will also provide personal information such as names, email, date of birth, and address.
  4. Deposit money – For you to smash the bookies, you will need to deposit the minimum amount. Besides, make sure you select the best payment option.
  5. Place the first bet – Lastly, place your first bet and wait for the bet to settle.

Colorado Sports Betting Laws and Regulations

The Colorado Limited Gaming Commission oversees all the sportsbooks’ operations. Currently, you will find the following Sports betting laws and rules.

  • All the casinos in the state can apply for the sports betting masters license.
  • With the master license, the casinos have permission to open one online sports casino and one retail sportsbook.
  • A casino with masters license can partner with up to two other operators.
  • The tax on betting proceeds is 10%.
  • No betting on high school sports and esports.
  • No wagers on collegiate events and live betting.
  • You can register via mobile.
  • There is only one oversight body- The Colorado Limited Gaming Commission.

What is Limited Gaming?

In Colorado, there are restrictions on how bettors and casinos conduct betting activities. For instance, the following restrictions apply in Colorado.

  • No wagering above $100.
  • You can only wager on slot machines, craps, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.
  • You can only gamble while in the towns of Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, and Central city.
  • In southwest Colorado, there must be tribal reservation land.

Sports Betting History in Colorado

Sports betting became legal in Colorado after the conclusion of the November 1019 election. This was as a result of the passage of proposition DD. Indeed, the passage allowed every casino in the state to have one retail sportsbook. Additionally, each was allowed to have an online sportsbook.

In May 2020, the state of Colorado launched Sports betting. Amazingly, four online sportsbook launched the same day. Today, Colorado has a total of 31 sportsbooks. Besides, the other two tribal sportsbooks operates in Southern Colorado.

How Big is Sports Betting Expected to Become?

Initially, the 10% tax was expected to generate $20 million or more. This would result in $200 million in revenue collected in one year. However, new estimates suggest that the state will collect between $1.4 million and $1.7 million in the first year.

As a result, this will translate to $100 million in revenue collected in one year. Well, this is a significant amount. Again, it is an indication that the Sports betting industry will become bigger.

Responsible Gambling and Self-Exclusion

Gambling can become addictive if done without control. Therefore, you need to control how you gamble. In case you are getting into trouble while trying to come out of it, you can do self-exclusion. For example, sportsbook in Colorado will help you exclude yourself from the following.

  • Making deposits.
  • Withdrawing winnings.
  • Exclusion from accessing your account.
  • Ban for a specific period of time.

Colorado Sports Betting


🤔 Is sports betting legal in Colorado?
Yes. Sports betting in Colorado became legal in November 2019 , after the successful passing of the proposition DD. This was to allow gamblers residing in Colorado place their wagers like many other States in the US. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming are the legal authority over Colorado’s legalized sports betting regulation.
🤔 Who are eligible for bonuses and promotions?
Colorado sportsbooks entice their players with amazing promotions and bonus offers. All you need to do is sign up and be eligible for these significant offers. The bonus offers come in three different ways. The first and most common method is offering free bets, a voucher to be used by gamblers to place their bets and the cash bonus.
🤔 Which sports and leagues can you bet on in Colorado?
There is a good number of options to consider when it comes to sports betting in Colorado. You can bet on matches covering both major and minor leagues or catch the amazing actions in all popular sports. Some of the best and reliable leagues at the betting window in Colorado include; the premier league, NBA, boxing, Horse racing, MLS(major league soccer), LOL ( league of legends E-Sport) among many others.
🤔 What are the sports-book payout in Colorado?
Sports-book in Colorado will pay you in different ways. Some common ways of payment include: Free bets - Here, you get a chance to play without making any deposit. However you cannot divide the free bets. Bonus dollars - Unlike the free bets, Bonus dollars can be divided to enable a player place several bets. Straight cash - Sometimes, winners get paid in cash, but you must meet the wagering requirements.
🤔 Can I make bets online in Colorado?
Yes, the new law allows online bets including bets on mobile devices.
🤔 Why do I have to be in Colorado to place a bet?
Sports betting in Colorado is legal under state law, not federal law. As soon as you leave the state boundaries you will be subject to different state laws where sports betting may be illegal.
🤔 What games can I bet on?
The Colorado law allows bets on almost any sporting event except high school sports, proposition bets on college games and e-sports that are not sanctioned by a sports governing body. Motorsports are allowed.
🤔 Who pays the new Colorado sports betting taxes?
The new taxes which will go primarily to fund the Colorado Water Plan come from the casinos, not their customers. The 10 percent levied on sports betting is paid out of revenue and is effectively invisible to customers.
🤔 Can I bet with my friends legally in Colorado?
Yes, there is a “Social Gambling Exception” under current Colorado law that allows parties with a “bona fide social relationship” to bet with each other, i.e. friends that have more in common than their shared interest in sports betting.
🤔 Is horse betting legal in Colorado?
Yes. Live racing and betting are available during August, September and October each year.

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