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Colorado has always preferred a liberal stance when it comes to gambling. Almost every gambling form is legal. Currently, it is no surprise that many Coloradoans are switching from traditional casinos to online casinos.

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Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Colorado

Colorado Department of Revenue holds that online gambling is illegal. The Colorado law prohibits the reception or transmission of gambling information by any means. For gambling to take place in the state, three elements must be fulfilled.

  1. First, is a consideration (payment).
  2. The second is the chance which refers to luck.
  3. Third is reward prizes one wins during gambling.

For one to make gambling legal in the state, they must eliminate some of the named factors. Unfortunately, by such a loose definition, any traditional online waging from becomes illegal. The Department for Revenues depends on the UIGEA bill. And the interstate wire act to explain the illegality of online gaming.

However, there is a problem. No express prohibition against online gambling exists in Colorado’s penal code or states. Again, no Colorado visitor or citizen has ever been charged with crimes related to online gambling. A first offense, therefore, might be minor misdemeanors.

For instance, the fine is $50-100. And, the second offense is a serious misdemeanor. lastly, the third conviction may mean a felony conviction with fines of almost $ 25,000. In other words, the state is becoming more liberal. Its liberal gaming law landscape regarding regulations and enforcement makes the state a paradise for gamblers.

How We Rate Colorado Online Gambling Sites

An online casino must excel in different areas. So, as a player, you must look into these factors to Here are some of the essential traits needed:

License and Regulations

Firstly, a reputable gaming site must always stick to the set rules and regulations. A registered casino operates within the law limits, and any player must have trust in it.

Safety and Security

Secondly, security and safety are some of the first factors that a player should look at when assessing a top Colorado online casino. Safety is normally the foundation for the experience of online gambling. Without a track record in these, online casino sites cannot thrive in the current climate.

Some of the questions you can ask are:

  • Does the site proactively work to remove digital threats?
  • Does the site use security protocol and has up to date servers?
  • Has the site installed SSL encryption properly?

Trustworthy and Reputation

Next, before you join a site, you must look at reviews and how the site handles payment options. A trustworthy and reputable site must provide secure means of transparency. And, be available to help the players.

Number and Variety of Games

Also, to be the best Colorado online casino means providing high-quality games. The loyalty control checklists may include

  • Newest games being updated to the at least versions.
  • The true number of registration and fair games.

User Experience

In addition, a good Colorado online casino site must be easy to use. Here are features that can make a casino site attractive to a gambler:

  • High quality and high-resolution graphics.
  • Sufficient sever to ensure optimal game speed.
  • Seamless animations without lag.


Great online gambling sites must have different options to make deposits and withdrawals. For example, they may include wire transfers, debit or credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and others.

How to Stay Safe When Gambling in Colorado

Over the years, all US online casinos have improved dramatically. At present, top Colorado casinos provide players with numerous gaming options and features. Therefore, it would be of help if you were looking for things before deciding to join a casino site. The following are some of the features that a safe casino must provide to its members.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos in Colorado mostly provide bonuses and incentives to encourage bettors to play at their sites. For instance, a welcome bonus is for new customers. We recommend gambling on Colorado gambling sites with better welcome bonuses in terms of wagering and value requirements.

Loyalty Program

Betting sites provide a myriad range of loyalty business to the customers. Normally, most customers may receive free bets with joy. Some sites may offer real cash to other loyal customers. A player may bet without the wagering requirements or use the cash rewards directly.

Helpful Customer Support Options

You probably want to use customer services at an online casino. However, if you want to ask a question, you need useful support options. Such is a critical thing to look for in Colorado online casinos. The critical support features offer a live chat option.

With this, you can cheat or speak with a site representative directly. It is an easy and effective support feature available to most online casinos.

Some websites also email communication. Such sites should be avoided. Email support is time-consuming, and your answers may come when you least need them. In many instances, better customer support options determine the overall safety of the site.

You should find a site that provides a direct support system via love text or phone. So, do not overlook this critical feature.

Another Feature is a Safe and Transparent Payment System

You should look for casino sites payment options. If a site has no secure cash or system, avoid it. The good thing is that there are different ways to determine the safety of the site. You should check reviews of the page. In every review, you should look into the processing times and payment options.

Also, look at the shady activities. If a site charges you with abnormal fees or processes payment after a long time, you are on an unsafe site. Safe payment options are a good feature to consider. So, spend enough time going through different sites and locate the one with a secure and easy cashier system.

Colorado Online Casino Sweepstakes Sites

Online sweepstake casinos provide an alternative for individuals not located near a poker or casino room. Such innovative sites use old sweepstake laws to provide legal options for any recreational gamble. Normally, players play with a virtual currency known as Gold coins virtually.

Players can win real prizes with the sweepstakes cash. Usually, online sweepstakes sites like Lucky land are available through their websites. They are popular and convenient sites for your play.

Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Casino promotions are a great way of getting more value for money placed at a favorite site. We collect the best online casino offers you can look out for.

Promotions are used to promote websites to potential users. Normally, every website has a page that provides regular offers. Such promotions are lucrative and have a chance for you to win big prizes. The following are some of the common offers you can leverage.

  • Sign up bonus – Welcome bonuses are the perks that a casino site offers to new players. It is ‘a thank you’ gift when you sign up. Currently, casinos compete on who offers the best sign-up bonus, and this attracts players. In short, it is hard to find a casino that does not offer players a welcome bonus.
  • No deposit bonus – On some occasions, you can get a chance to claim the no deposit bonuses. These offers are rare. And are mostly tied to big casino events like rebranding.
  • Match bonus – Most casinos prefer match casino bonuses as they match one’s deposits by some percentage. The deposited funds are boosted to allow you to play more on the site.
  • Free spins – Free spins are common promotions. When one makes a deposit, free sensing on the select slot is received. In many instances, the player must use a bonus code. So, when playing free spins, you can win bonus money. And you can use this to play more casino games.
  • Promo codes – Almost all casinos count as bonus code casino. And this is because most of them provide some welcome bonuses or an offer to entice a player to join the site. However, when considering bonus codes, you may have to avoid the site's excessive wagering requirements.
  • Free play – You can get a little free play at some casinos when you sign up with the players club casino card. In most cases, the card is loaded onto the card, and you then access it at the machine.
  • Reload bonus – A reload bonus is a bonus provided to players who have deposited in the past at a specific casino. So, regular players can make use of such offers.

Colorado Mobile Casino Apps for iOS and Android

Yes, mobile sports betting is legalized in Colorado. Therefore, you are free to bet on sports with different licensed apps (for tablets, iPhones, and Android phones) within the state borders.

In November 2020 Pointsbet app went live. Betfred is live at the Saratoga casino. Again, Tipico and Bet365 are ready to launch mobile apps in the Colorado state.

Popular Casino Games in Colorado

In Colorado, different brands are permitted to have casinos. Cripple creek, central city, and Black Hawk are some of the largest casinos in the state. It has more than 1,300 machines and more than 200 (table games and poker games) total tables. Also, they feature lottery games.

Colorado Sports Betting

Sports betting as is legal in Colorado. However, one must place the bets with legal sports betting investors and within the border of Colorado. So, you may sign up and bet anywhere using a website, mobile phone, or bet in person at a sportsbook.

But, make sure you are more than 21 years old. Also, choosing the right app might be a hard task. There's a lot of licensed sport setting to select from in Colorado. Thus, it's important to read reviews and guides.

It is easy to open an account. Some betting sites operate from the web browser directly. Others may require you to download an app to your mobile phone.

Or, computer software is available for iOS, Android, and PC devices. When you install the app, follow the onscreen instructions for account set up. Before downloading, ensure the Colorado Division of Gaming licenses the site.

You do not wish to place bets at illegal sites by mistake. Legal sites normally have a Division of gambling logo and statement shown site regulations in Colorado. Before betting, make a deposit. Some operators may allow you free bets. However, in both cases, you need to prove your identity and age before cashing out.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods Available at Colorado Online Gambling Sites

As a player, you need to understand the ins and outs of the depot methods commonly accepted by the sites. Below are some examples of online payment and withdrawal services:

ACH / eCheck

  • Transaction time-instant
  • Despot limit: wide-ranging
  • Ease of use easy

E-check and ACH bank transfers money from the customer's bank account to their betting account. A better who does not have a credit card or has difficulties depositing with a credit card, can use ACH.

Making ACH despots entails inputting one’s check account number, routing number, and amount deposited. Most bank transfers are credited instantly to the betting accounts of the customers.

Most licensed operators prefer VIP preferred, which process online bank deposits. It is a secure financial institution. VIP service provides site services to big swathes of the gaming industry that entails the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Debit / Credit Cards

The transaction time is usually instant. Here, you'll have a wide range of deposit limits. A betting site in Colorado must accept credit and debit card deposits. It entails a convenient option since it resembles buying something from an online seller.

Mastercard and Visa are accepted universally. However, acceptance of American Express and Discover is limited.

The deposit limits normally tend to be flexible. So, customers normally deposit as little as $ 10 per transaction and $ 7000 per sportsbook. However, you must understand that credit cards can incur cash advances from banks.

Usually, banks treat every credit card transaction-related to gambling activities as cash advances and then charge despot fees. Again, not every card issuer does support online betting.

Some issuing banks decline every transaction relate to online gambling and betting. Such may be because of financial institutions that view the transaction as being at high risks of a chargeback.


Neteller is an electronic method of payment good for secure and instant transactions. Compared to Skrill, the method player has more deposit options. For example, VIP members pay lower fees and can have higher limits with the Neteller.


Play+ has instant transaction time. It's easy to use. And, deposit limits are normally wide-ranging. They offer withdrawal vias the actual cash or bank transfer and provides instant deposits. The method is 2 in 1 deposit methods.

Customers have to sign up for a Play plus account. After registering, a player may upload money instantly and immediately start placing wagers.

After two weeks, a new user may also get a physical plus card in their mail. The car is normally linked to their Apply Plus account to buy this where Discovery is accepted. Withdrawal may occur online, promoting Play+ to send money via electronic bank transfers. And, customers can withdraw cash at the nearest atm using the physical Play+.


Transaction time is instant. Besides, the deposit limits are normally wide-ranging. PayPal is easy to use for customers who already have an account. Also, new customers must first register an account before first use. Account registration is simple. However, it takes some minutes, and it's not easy to deposit via check or credit card.

Wire Transfer

  • Transaction time is always up to 24 hours.
  • The interface is thought to be cumbersome.
  • The deposit limits are high.

So, wire transfers may not be as convenient as the other options. Above all, they normally need one to go to banco. Also, you may be charged some fees. However, they are good when you want to make the deposits.


  • The transaction time for Skrill is instant.
  • The ease of use is medium.
  • Deposit limits are wide-ranging.

In addition, Skrill is a good wallet that resembles PayPal. Usually, a Skrill account allows a gambler to deposit from the bank account or credit card to receive cashouts and make online purchases.

History of Online Gambling in Colorado

For its progress with regards to gambling activities, Colorado is not yet ready to embrace online poker and casinos. For instance, the state does not have laws allowing online gambling. Again, the state does not seem to show the priority of online gambling legislation.

The constitutional amendment partly causes this. As such, amending the constitution of the state must face numerous hurdles during negotiations. However, with the new tax revenues possibility, the legislators may soon be encouraged to embrace online gambling.

Colorado Gaming and the Effect of Online Casinos

2020 is an excellent time for online wagering in the Colorado state. Firstly, numerous online operators now own digital platforms. With different digital operators in the market, bettors in Colorado are happy to bet online. So, they may easily use mobile betting apps, sportsbooks, and others.

Responsible Gambling in Colorado

Problems gaming entails a behavior in gambling that negatively impacts people’s lives. Such leads to serious financial, personal, or legal consequences. Problem gambling may entail underage gambling or compulsive gambling that affects both employees and guests.

  • A site thinks that problem gambling deserves a response from the whole casino industry.
  • A gambling site has embraced positive steps to deal with the issues. The behaviors should not harm business operations employees, customers, industry, and communities.
  • The online site must commit to financial and human resources to enhance awareness and education of compulsive gambling among workers and guests.

Problem gambling is a serious issue in Colorado. And, that is why there is an extensive process adopted for live casinos that entails the ability to exclude from them. Therefore, with mobile sports betting, extra measures must be embraced.

Such will help individuals who develop maturity. Also, such tools manage betting activity and ensure that the recreational limits are observed. So, bettors who cannot deal with temporary loss, deposit, and bet limits, they are free to delf exclude from betting online apps.

Colorado Online Casinos



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)  

🤔 Can you gamble online in Colorado?
Though Colorado may have a reputation for being one of the most liberal states when it comes to gambling, internet gambling is illegal under state and federal laws. The state prohibits the transmission or reception of gambling information by any means possible. None of the Colorado online casinos available today are based inside the state. They may be legal or licensed where the bets are received, but it remains illegal to place bets from Colorado.
🤔 Is it safe to play casino games online in Colorado?
Most online casino websites available in Colorado are perfectly safe. Safety measures are in place to protect you.
🤔 Which are the best online casinos in Colorado?
Super slots casino. This is one of the fast growing online casinos in the region. They have a variety of gaming options that will make you keep coming for more. These include; table games like roulette, black- jack, crops and others like the online slots. Super slots casino also has an array of trusted deposit and withdrawal methods that may come in handy. Las Atlantis casino This is relatively new on the block, but has managed to a mass a good number of followers, making it one of the best in the business. The site ensures that all your banking information is secure with SSL encryption, so you can make deposits safely. El Royale The brand is licensed by CuraCao Gaming and has SSL encryption to secure your connection to the site and also encrypt your data. Players can find over 200 casino games including specialty options like Keno and bingo.
🤔 What are the banking options for online casinos in Colorado?
Most of the gambling sites have different options to make deposits and withdrawals. They include wired transfers, debit or credit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies and others.
🤔 What is the legal minimum gambling age in Colorado?
To gamble inside a casino, place a bet on a mobile sports betting app, or place any kind of horse racing bet, players must be at least 21 years old. The minimum age to purchase lottery tickets is 18.
🤔 Is casino gambling legal in Colorado?
Yes. Colorado legalized casino gambling in 1991. By law, the Colorado government limits legal commercial casino operations to the mountain towns of Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk.
🤔 What is the tax rate on gambling winnings in Colorado?
In general, the IRS levies a federal tax on gambling winnings at 25 percent for wins of $5,000 or more. The casinos provide players with the proper forms needed to report to the IRS in cases of wins of this size.
🤔 Are casino games rigged?
No. The Colorado Division of Gaming and Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission (CLGCC) regulate Colorado’s live casinos.
🤔 How can I deposit and withdraw on Colorado’s mobile sports betting apps?
Yes. Colorado’s online sports betting platforms use payment methods that are similar to those accepted in other regulated states.
🤔 Is online sports betting safe?
Yes. The CDG and CLGCC regulate all of Colorado’s legal online sportsbooks. Because of this, bets on a state-regulated online sportsbook come with the same level of safety as they would at a legal retail casino.

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