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By statesidebets - Updated January 19, 2021

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New York

Regulated online sports betting is hot in New York! Governor Andre Cuomo recently announced that he endorses a lottery run sports betting system regulation for New York. For a state in the USA, home of capitalism, this seems oddly non competitive, and in response, two lawmakers have filed bills to call for an open and competitive sports betting market once regulation hits the Big Apple. This would allow each licensed retail sportsbook to operate 2 digital ones.

The bill also includes details on license fees, and brace yourself for impact. $12m per operator. A lot of money. On the other hand, there's a lot of money in a regulated New York market, obviously, and the high license fees won't really scare any operator out of competition.

Other key takeaways from the bill also include:

  • Regulation would fall under the New York State Gaming Commission
  • Betting on any college team games taking place in the state would be prohibited
  • Tax rates would be 12% on mobile betting GGR (gross gaming revenue) and 8.5% on retail GGR

Legalizing and regulating sports betting in New York has been discussed for almost 3 years now. One thing is for sure though, as New Jersey revenues continue to skyrocket, this will fuel the debate in neighbouring New York!


Texans have been fighting the uphill battle so far, in terms of a state regulated online sports betting market. It's starting to move though, and most recently, the Texas Governor's Office has, reportedly, reached out to numerous lobbyists and regulators other US states, namely New Jersey, to explore best ways of regulating sports betting.

There's still a long way to go though, but indications are that there's at least an organized initiative forming!


A group of Connecticut legislators have put forward a proposal to legalize sports betting in the state. This after a December 2020 announcement from Governor Ned Lamont to support regulation. The bill is named a catchy “An Act Authorizing Sports Wagering, Internet Gaming, Internet Lottery And Internet Keno”. Support from 17 legislators across both Democrats and Republicans means it's the real thing.

The bill; Senate Bill 146; would allow for the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and the Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut, the 2 tribes currently operating retail casinos in the State of Connecticut, to offer Online betting as well. There is no mention of licensing to current online operators, not proposed tax rates, so still some ground to cover before this becomes reality, it would seem.


Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has presented plans to license online betting. He calls for online sports betting to be regulated and also opens for Fantasy sports and Keno. Current Arizona legislation sees all forms of gambling to take place in reservations, a law that would first have to be repealed to see online plans come through. As compensation, Gov Ducey proposes that the tribes would get exclusivity to operate casino-style wagering in Arizona.

According to the document, presented to Arizona law makers, this would be a win-win situation with increased revenue for the tribes, as well as largely increased gambling tax for the State.


Bill HB 2127 was filed to Oregon law makers on Jan 12, and suggests Oregon opens up for statewide mobile- and retail sports betting. It includes a suggestion that it would be regulated by the Oregon Racing Commission, and Gov. Kate Brown also suggests a “up to” 10% tax and a humble $50,000 license fee.